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Christina was worried about pain in the cervical spine, s-shaped scoliosis and poor posture
Evgeny was worried about dizziness, headaches, constricted vessels in the neck, lordosis in the cervical spine
Maria is 69 years old. Problems with the spine tormented her for 30 years, and here are the results she was able to achieve
Irina. I couldn't sit for a long time - my back hurt terribly. After completing the course Aikune finally got rid of the pain
Elena. Sedentary work - constantly stooped.
After 3 sessions, the stoop was completely gone.
Michael. Terrible lower back pain after a course of Aikune
pain like never before
A diagnosis of scoliosis was made. I decided to go to Aykun and after 10 sessions, the scoliosis decreased, and the pain disappeared
Diagnosis 2 degree of scoliosis. Exercise therapy and massage did not help,
I suffered from pain for 4 years and decided to take Aikune.
Pain gone after 7 days
Tamara Viktorovna, 75 years old, pensioner. Back pain after hernia surgery. The pain was gone after 2 sessions.
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